Benefits for clients





  • Better traceability of the inbuilt materials, components and products: The level of traceability of materials, components and products built into the supply chain, from suppliers through production facilities to clients, is in line with the ever increasing standards in this area.
  • Faster material flow: orders for new phase stock or other logistics services are submitted with the single press of a button or with the reading of a barcode.
  • Better use and productivity of logistical means of transport: by optimising and clustering orders, the number of internal transport means is decreased, while the existing transport means are used more effectively.
  • Rational and reliable production supply: supply is only effected following a request, while in the meantime transport personnel are available for carrying out other activities.
  • Greater stability and transparency of the production process: elimination of errors in ordering.
  • Optimised phase stock in terms of time and quantity: stock replenishment at the moment of need, in line with the JIT (just in time) principle.
  • Statistical analysis of background data: enables continual improvement and fine tuning of process implementation.
  • Following of the phases of an order: status LED diodes and a screen notify the worker of the flow or phase of an order (e.g., received, in commissioning, in delivery, etc.).




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