Benefits for clients

As the Atlas Global module collects the data from several warehouses in one single system, this creates synergy effects bringing multiple additional benefits:


  • Stock control and replenishment amongst warehouses is a harmonised process
  • More interlinked logistics activities (i.e., ordering from a supplier, etc.) — which results in cost optimisation
  • Faster and more efficient warehouse management, shorter overall response time — as warehouses are managed centrally the operations between them are also faster, which results in a shorter overall response time
  • Simpler and cheaper system management and maintenance
  • Any upgrade (development) of the system is simpler and available at a favourable price
  • User training costs decrease significantly
  • The number of maintenance staff decreases — there is no need for such staff in subsidiaries
  • Altas Global “embodies” a solution that is rich in itself yet very accessible in terms of price — in short, it is good value for money




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