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Automation is recommended for all kinds of recurring movements of goods in distribution centres or production facilities. The larger the volume of goods flow, the more automation makes sense. Contemporary distribution centres with automated warehouses and transport systems require high investment.

In order to ensure the highest possible return on investment, all technical systems need to be used as prudently as possible. And it is here that MFS is of utmost help. Optimisation strategies, such as dynamic selection of transport path, flexibility and exchangeability of devices, are just a few of the many advantages of Atlas MFS, ensuring a successful and efficient material flow in highly–automated systems.

Top 5 reasons for choosing the Atlas MFS module:

  • 100% traceability: Atlas MFS records all system events, with particularly accurate documentation of movement history. This data is required for quick diagnostics, system operation analysis, and statistical forecast of task completion.
  • Connectivity with devices of different manufacturers: Atlas MFS enables the integration of diverse subsystems by different manufacturers into a common system, and management and visualisation through a single interface.
  • Dynamic transport path selection: A transport order may include parameters causing goods to be rerouted via a specific point rather than arriving at their destination via the optimal route, e.g., in the case of random quality control during the production process, when the congestion of a certain transport path section is over, in order to alleviate a bottleneck, or in the case of the loss of devices.
  • Considering priorities: The aim of efficient material flow management is the efficient use of resources. This function evaluates every movement and assigns a priority level to it taking into account rules regarding flow, business rules and transport parameters. Thus, goods/palette/transport units are always where we need them.
  • System visualisation: The operator is given an insight into the status of the entire system and the potential to intervene in it.



And more:


  • Quick response: Atlas MFS responds in milliseconds.


  • Load balancing: The module enables the balancing of load with regard to the current load of individual devices, increasing the flow and thus the entire system’s capacity.


  • Palletting: Atlas MFS offers IT support and operation of robots for placing material on pallettes.


  • Automated alert system: In the case of a system breakdown, the supervisor receives an alert via e–mail or text message.


  • Analytical module: Atlas MFS saves all data on completed tasks. Through statistical methods, it can provide a graphic illustration of trends and a detailed analysis of system operation.


  • Control panel on mobile devices (Dashboard): Key data on system operation can be followed via smart phones and tablets.


  • Connectivity with superior ERP, WMS and PP systems: Atlas MFS can be connected to many diverse systems, ranging from SAP and Baan, to Navision, AtlasWMS and others.


  • Robustness: In order to ensure a high level of system availability, many mechanisms are built into the system enabling it to operate 24/7.




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