What is Atlas MFS?



Atlas MFS (Material Flow System) is an IT solution for the control and optimisation of internal material flow. It coordinates automatic transport devices, such as high–rack lifts, conveyor belts, automated guided vehicles (AGV), robots and other devices, and can also issue goods movement orders to forklift drivers or workers. Atlas MFS makes decisions on the movements of transport units and material with regard to the tasks of superior systems and/or individually triggered system events.

The key functions of Atlas MFS are:

  • management of material flow,
  • efficient use of resources,
  • uniform control and visualisation of the system.


It works as a central software module that, on the one hand, connects ERP, PPS (Production Planning System) or WMS (Warehouse Management System), and, on the other, automated devices, while also directing forklift drivers where to go (navigation). It can also work independently, without a superior system.


The system predicts instead of you


In many ways, Atlas MFS is similar to navigation systems in personal vehicles, but instead of guiding just one vehicle (automated device), it guides all of the vehicles “on the road”. In this manner, it ensures optimal movements of all goods (urgent vehicles first, followed by vehicles with perishable goods, etc.), taking account of the road network and the vehicles’ categorisation, load and length, as well as adjusting to potential obstacles on the road (breakdown of individual transport route sections) in real time, and if necessary redirecting the traffic accordingly. In the case of a breakdown of one vehicle, it automatically assigns its task to another vehicle.


The system thinks ahead in order to ensure the optimal use of resources and transfer of “just–in–time” arrivals to selected destinations. In the case of a sudden increase in traffic, there are spaces in the vicinity of workplaces reserved for waiting transport units (“buffer zones”) in order to assure a quick reaction, much like parking spaces before embarking on a ferry.



Read the Atlas MFS Flyer in PDF format (1.6 Mb)



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