What is Atlas Omniplace?



Atlas OmniPlace is a system that monitors the movements of forklifts by way of computer vision and follows the flow of palettes precisely without scanning source and destination locations. The system knows the 3D position of each and every palette in the warehouse and directs the forklift operator to the right location.


With the help of the Atlas OmniPlace system, the forklift operator deposits the palette at any location or at the location as directed by the supervisory system in the warehouse, whereby the utilisation of warehouse facilities is greatly improved. The accurate detection of the location of warehoused material ensures that there is no inefficient driving of forklifts to and fro searching for particular material, thus optimising the process and increasing operational safety.

Always at the right place at the right time

The operation of the system is simple, yet very accurate. A camera attached to the forklift follows the labels or markings on the floor that roughly determine the location. By following random outlines, the system can trace the forklift’s path with high accuracy. The sensor built into the forks determines whether there is a palette on the forklift or not, while the lifting sensor detects the height to which the palette is dropped and the place where it is picked up.


The system transfers the data to the forklift terminal and the data then travels via Wi–Fi network to the supervisory server, which follows and directs the operation. In the case that the use of labels is not sufficient (e.g., in an open–type warehouse), the camera system can be supplemented with a GPS system.


A special optional package, Atlas OmniPlace Navi, enables the orientation (navigation) of the forklift operator through the material maze, in a similar way to driving a car. Atlas OmniPlace Navi thus prevents the forklifts from crossing paths (“collision detection warning”).



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