What is Atlas PickByGlass?




Can you imagine hands–free, paperless everyday work in a warehouse, without terminals and headphones, but nevertheless with full IT support? From now on it is possible!


Via a screen integrated into glasses, Atlas PickByGlass displays the work order to the user and guides him/her from location to location using the optimum path, while a camera installed in the glasses facilitates the identification of material.


Atlas PickByGlass uses the technology of “smart glasses” (e.g., Google Glass or similar) in the logistics environment. Via a Wi–Fi network, the glasses are connected with a logistics IT system (Warehouse Management System). The screen of the glasses shows the user all of the necessary instructions for work, location, material and the required quantity. By way of an integrated camera in the glasses, the user reads the barcode of the location and/or material and confirms that the work is complete simply by touching the frames.



Read the Atlas PickByGlass Flyer in PDF format (1.8 Mb)


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