Main benefits

Stock Management in Several Units of Measurement Simultaneously

Atlas WMS Metal converts the units of measurement and can manage stock in several units of measurement (kilograms, meters and pieces) simultaneously. Because it is familiar with the converter between weight and length and/or piece for each individual material batch, the software can provide accurate information as to how much of a certain material is in your warehouse at any time.

Remaining Pieces Management

Atlas WMS Metal keeps track of the remaining pieces and upon request reports it to ERP.
As this provides the sales department with an overview of remaining pieces, they can order a shipment of a specific remaining piece to a customer, thus eliminating the need for cutting.

Cutting Management

CutITsmart is an integrated WMS module that extends the operation of the WMS system to the cutting of material. The CutITsmart optimisation module helps you to optimise material utilisation and stock, movements in the logistics process, work and operation, utilisation and load on resources (cutting saws), time required for cutting, costs, and shipping of the cut pieces.

In practice, optimisation of the cutting process requires several optimisation procedures and the resolution specific requirements. CutITsmart can optimise processes with regard to different parameters: time required for cutting, utilisation of material, and/or costs of cutting.


Support to Production Processes

The latest trends require production processes, such as cutting, confectioning, repackaging, labelling, etc., to also be executed in the warehouse environment, Atlas WMS Metal also supports such processes and integrates them into a single system.


Management of the Same Material by Different Batches

Atlas WMS Metal manages stock of the same product depending on its attributes. This means that the same material of different batches is stored in separate places, and upon request other parameters are also considered (e.g., production date, delivery number, the type of packaging or the expiration date). The same parameters are then used for shipping.


Connection to Automatic Quantity Meters

Mistakes always occur when quantities are entered manually. Therefore, for Atlas WMS Metal we have developed an interface with automated measurement devices (scales, length measures, piece counters). This way, stock quantities always match, deliveries are always correct, and invoices always correspond.

Two–in–One Concept

Atlas WMS Metal combines both WMS (Warehouse Management System) and MFS (Material Flow System) in one package. The two–in–one concept provides a double benefit: it can function either as MFS or WMS, or as both at the same time. A joint interface ensures optimal operation, higher reliability and lower system implementation costs.
In the function of material flow management (MFS), it coordinates automated transport equipment (rack feeders, conveyors, etc.), while in the function of warehouse management (WMS) it manages material flow processes — from receipt to the dispatch of goods from the warehouse.

Connection to Automated Transport Equipment by Various Manufacturers

The demand for higher productivity and better utilisation of storage space calls for automated solutions. Mostly this translates into high–bay warehouses with rack feeders, conveyors, elevators, automated commissioning systems (AGVs), etc. Atlas WMS Metal can be integrated with transport systems produced by diverse manufacturers (Siemens, Demag, Schaeffer, etc.).




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