About us

Epilog brings together enthusiasts grouped around integrated software solutions of high quality for internal logistics and automated warehouses. For more than 25 years we have been building up our knowledge and experience in warehouse management software (WMS) in demanding projects all over Europe. All of this experience has now been accumulated in our very own software package known as AtlasWMS.



Our MISSION: Care for excellence

Through original ideas we deliver integrated IT solutions to our clients in internal logistics and help them improve their business performance. We understand that only the best individuals can make the best teams and therefore we carefully plan the professional development and personal growth of our employees.


Our mission is based on careful planning and the following key processes:

  • Analysis and advice on IT support and warehouse management
  • Development of the AtlasWMS software package
  • Implementation of solutions and
  • Maintenance and customer support



Our VALUES: Dedication, quality, cooperative spirit

The lasting success of Epilog and of our customers relies on establishing the following values and acting on them:
  • Customer focus and commitment to agreement
  • Creativity and innovativeness
  • Team work and co–operation
  • Quality and effectiveness and
  • Self–initiative and facing challenges




Our KEY ADVANTAGES: Broad expertise and experience


  • Automated warehousing solutions (MFS)
  • Bar–code and RF–identification based solutions for mobile terminals in manual warehouse operations
  • Branch–specific solutions for metal, pharmaceutical and food products
  • Advice on redesigning work processes in logistics and introduction of relevant IT support
  • Experience in international markets
  • Extensive experience in integrating warehouse management and material flow systems (WMS and MFS) on a new platform (SAP, Baan, Navision and many other)


These advantages in combination with continued improvements and endeavours for excellence at all levels consolidate Epilog’s leading position in Slovenia.


In the European market we supply WMS and MFS to the leading producers of automated warehouses and we are one of the first suppliers of IT solutions for the warehousing of metals and other materials.



Our VISION: No. 1 in Customer Experience







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