serving the best.

With an excellent team to excellent results.

The Wisdom

of Nature

Since time immemorial, Nature and Man have always tried to arrange the world in the most rational way possible, making sure that everything is always in its place, that it is simple and transparent, that it meets the needs of the user. Often, thousands and thousands of years have been needed to achieve this goal.

Own Knowledge and Development

Much like Nature, Epilog, too, co-shapes orderliness. Since 1990, we have been developing and implementing the most demanding software solutions to support logistics processes. For the simple, transparent and efficient management of warehouses and other aspects of internal material flow.



To achieve the best client-oriented IT solutions in logistics.

With original ideas, we deliver integrated IT solutions to our clients in logistics and help them improve their business performance. We understand that only the best individuals can make the best teams, and we therefore carefully plan the professional development and personal growth of our employees.

Presentation of our company




We look to the future and create the conditions for growth. We are persistent, we take on your cares, and we work with a long-term vision. With us the future is bright and safe.


We are open and frank in our interpersonal communication and behaviour. We cooperate actively and are always ready to reach an agreement that is conducive to achieving the goal. We transfer our knowledge and experience to our colleagues and clients.


We bring knowledge and passion to our everyday work. We are committed to meeting challenges, we are inquisitive and always seeking new approaches and solutions.


We are distinguished by a positive attitude towards everything, we believe in ourselves and we are motivated. We view our tasks and problems in an optimistic way, perceiving them as opportunities.


We take the initiative in taking over tasks, we are committed to our work. We take action in advance in order to positively influence the future situation.


We assume responsibility for our work. We strive for excellence in all segments of our operation, we acknowledge and rectify any mistakes we may make. We are aware that with our decisions we create the conditions for our own operation.

Our vision

No. 1 in Customer experience

We are pursuing our ambitious vision – to be "Nº1 IN CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE" – through continuous development and improvement of the quality of our products and services.

1990 - 2020

Focused on the Development of New Solutions and Partnerships


In mid-February, we enter the ownership structure of the Austrian multinational company Knapp AG, which is engaged in intralogistics automation. Such cooperation and involvement in international development flows enable us to respond even more efficiently to global customer requirements for expertise and services in the area of internal logistics digitalisation. It also opens up new opportunities for us to further develop our robotics department.


Our new development era is enhanced with an ownership linkage with the company Mentek. We join forces with the aim of creating synergies that will enable our clients to follow the emerging challenges of Industry 4.0 – from IT support for warehouse management and robotisation to goods tracking and transport optimisation.


In the second half of the year, we set up a new department for robotics development and strengthen our ranks with new challenge-driven colleagues.


We receive the German Economy Award from the Slovenian-German Chamber of Commerce and the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany.


We receive recognition for the best service innovation for the Atlas PickByGlass solution at the 9th Slovenian Innovation Forum.


We enter a new partnership with the Slovenian-German Chamber of Commerce, the strongest network of domestic export companies and German investors. We also develop and launch a new, innovative optimisation and cost-saving module CutITsmart.


Celebrating our 20th anniversary, Epilog moves into new premises in the Ljubljana Technology Park. We receive a quality certificate granted by the German Institute for Material Flows and Logistics Fraunhofer IML. Once again, we become Oracle's most successful partner in projects abroad for the current business year, and we also obtain a Quality Management Systems certificate according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.


Epilog is again ranked among the fastest growing Slovene companies and is nominated for the Gazelle Awards 2008.


Epilog is listed among the fastest growing Slovene companies and is consequently nominated for the Gazelle Awards 2007. As the most successful partner in the field of solution sales outside Slovenia, Epilog also receives an Oracle diploma.


Logina is renamed Epilog. The new name symbolises the “last” but indispensable step in the development of a state-of-the-art warehouse — Epilog and its software breathes life into a warehouse, giving it a soul. We develop a new version of the integrated Atlas MFS and Atlas WMS system based on Java and Oracle.


We start developing vehicle tracking systems and store loyalty cards. In the same year, we implement the first two IT systems for warehouse management (WMS) on IBM's operating systems DB/2 and OS/2 in two German companies, Hartmann and G+S. For the first time, RFID technology is used for the warehousing of semi-products in the cement industry.


Development of steering software for storage and retrieval systems on a PC, and implementation of MFS on Interbus-S and OS/2 PC. In this implementation, we use the Interbus-S intelligent network, which at the time is a pioneering endeavour.


Development of software for the first robotic state-of-the-art warehouse for Sandvik.


Development of the computer vision software Logivid, an application for the thermal imaging of power lines, as well as software for information terminals and our own hypertext language (html).


Development and implementation of the first LBS (coordination software) in the OS/2 operating system.


Damjan Širca and Damjan Štrucl establish the company Logina d.o.o. for the development of software for managing warehouses (Warehouse Management System — WMS). The very same year, the company develops and implements a storage and retrieval system on the Dematic microcomputer.


is in Our Blood

Providing high quality services to fulfil the needs of our clients in line with applicable standards is our everyday concern and the responsibility of each and every one of our employees.

»Always serving the best.«





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