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You don’t need to go abroad to work for a top company. In Slovenia, the world is in the palm of your hand. Our software drives the warehouses of the largest multinational companies. Global projects and challenges are part of our daily routine.

"We will make you fit ..."

... to solve hi-tech challenges."

At Epilog, we solve hi-tech challenges in logistics by developing tailor-made solutions for our customers while growing with them. Industry 5.0 is not a distant concept for us, it is the reality in which we operate. We use the most advanced technologies in our work. We connect people and automated vehicles into a well-functioning logistics ecosystem. We are inquisitive. We are constantly seeking new paths and new solutions. That is who we are, the Epilog team of dedicated experts.

Our team is characterised by respect and an awareness

that all tasks count. We can only achieve the best results if we work together.

No. 1 in

customer experience

This is our vision and the way we run our business. We provide our clients with an excellent experience and shape complex solutions into an integrated and reliable system that is simple to use and learn. Along with our customers, our employees come first. We offer our employees a secure learning environment and a development-oriented working environment. Together we create an environment that we like to return to as we feel great in it.













Epilog is your first choice

and the right choice because:

We are a team of 
technology enthusiasts

In the Epilog team, we bring expertise, excellence and passion to our work. We promote creativity, innovation and ambition. We strive to solve demanding hi-tech challenges in the shortest time possible. We share our knowledge with our colleagues, thus enhancing the professionalism and strength of our team.

We ensure the diversity of our teams and the complementarity of team members. We are looking for committed, target-oriented enthusiasts who like teamwork and have a desire and ability to think outside the box.

We provide
continual development

We systematically develop the skills and competences that support our vision and strategic goals. While doing so, we seek a balance between our knowledge, ambitions and talents, which are directed towards achieving as much progress and personal growth as possible. We promote the transfer of knowledge at all levels of our organisation. We believe that by combining your talent and our support you can make a difference and become part of successful business stories around the world.

We ensure a pleasant
and relaxed working environment

Through well-organised yet relaxed working premises, and by using appropriate tools and state-of-the-art technologies in our daily work, we contribute to our employees’ satisfaction with the environment in which they create and work.

We work
in a growing industry

We operate in an industry in which automation and robotisation are experiencing massive growth. We continually invest in development, which enables us to ensure the growth of our company, to retain our market share, and to offer secure employment to our employees.

We are
socially responsible

The decision on what you as an individual will contribute to better society is in your hands. As a company, we support diverse projects in which young people can realise their ideas (First Lego League, TAFR, Zavod 404, etc.). As sponsors and donors, we also facilitate the organisation of many events.

We are

Our excellence was recognised by the Austrian multinational company Knapp AG, with which we are now connected in ownership. Knapp is a leading global technological breakthrough innovator in the area of intralogistics automation. In this way, we remain even more closely connected to international development currents.

Satisfied individual,

successful team.


In order to steer your career in the right direction, we ensure that you get your own personal development plan and mentorship.

working hours

will make balancing your work and private life easier.


on a range of occasions add charm to the already relaxed atmosphere.


You can keep fit through diverse organised sports activities.


We take care of your safety with accident and tourist insurance.

parking space

If you are not a cyclist or do not use public transport, we will provide a free parking space.

We are expanding our team ...

"We will make you fit for Epilog."

Are you interested in solving challenges related to Java, C, C++, C#, SQL or mobile technologies? Do you have a knowledge of the operation of databases, ROS or Linux? Do you want to get to know logistics and production processes?

Don’t hesitate! Join a dynamic software development team
conquering the world from Slovenia.


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or still studying? Do you have a question?

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