A system for managing autonomous guided vehicles to ensure efficient internal transport

What is

Atlas FMS?

Atlas FMS (Fleet Management System) is a system for optimising the internal transport of material by managing a set of autonomous vehicles. It can be easily introduced in all industries, as well as in production and logistics processes.



Based on an analysis of online data from vehicles and of simulations of diverse scenarios, Atlas FMS continually optimises the routes of vehicles in space and time with regard to the given transport tasks. Thus, it ensures the maximum utilisation of vehicles, as well as the most favourable combinations of the allocation of transport orders to individual vehicles, in terms of time, route length and cost. Given the time or spatial sequence, it also enables the merging of orders for individual vehicles. For larger tasks that cannot be performed by one vehicle alone, it also forms groups of vehicles.

Synchronising the movements of the entire set of vehicles ensures that there is no unnecessary meeting, waiting and locking. The system also ensures that individual vehicles are energy efficient.

Key advantages of

Atlas FMS

Higher capacity of internal transport

The system works 24/7, continually optimising and seeking out the best possible transport combinations. By simulating movements, it takes into account the dynamics of vehicles and goods.

Dynamic scalability

The system supports continual scanning of the factory along with all other supporting elements of navigation, which represents the basis for the further localisation of vehicles. It enables the simple integration of third vehicles and human-guided transport systems.

Adaptability to needs

Depending on the client's needs, Atlas FMS enables the dynamic addition or removal of vehicles. When new products are introduced or the production process is reorganised, it sets the paths anew.

100% traceability

Atlas FMS records all events in the system, and the history of movements is recorded with particular accuracy. This data is necessary for rapid diagnostics, system operation analytics, and statistical prediction of the completion of tasks.

Seamless connectivity

Atlas FMS enables connectivity with systems in the immediate surroundings of vehicles: the takeover of material in warehouses and status reporting (WMS, MFS, MES, ERP), as well as communication with production infrastructure.

Collaborative operation of autonomous vehicles and human beings

The system enables the simultaneous performance of operations by both autonomous vehicles and human beings.

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Synchronised and coordinated transport

100% accuracy and correct delivery of materials, which brings higher productivity in the work process.

Connectivity to autonomous vehicles of different manufacturers

Atlas FMS enables the integration of the sub-systems of different manufacturers into a common system, and the management and visualisation of a set of autonomous vehicles.

Ready for Industry 4.0

Atlas FMS has its own logic, simulator and optimiser, and works as an independent component, while enabling cooperation with other systems in the company.

Lower costs

Atlas FMS maximises the use of vehicles, reduces the influence of the human factor on the accuracy and timely delivery of material, and reduces the need for labour force in transport.

Frees up human resources

Informatisation relieves employees of hard and tiring work, enabling them to carry out tasks with greater added value.


When working in an environment with a human being, the system adapts the movements of the transport devices in order to avoid safety risks.

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