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Integrated software solutions for simple and efficient logistics.



Regardless of how good your technological processes are, management of logistics – with its large numbers, diversity, spatial dispersion, timing and multitude of different possible routes – is the key to efficiency at the level of the entire company.

Process automation, robotisation, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), exploitation of data and advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, the internet of things (IoT), e-commerce, etc. bring numerous challenges, but at the same time they offer advantages if we know how to utilise process digitalisation in the right way.

With Atlas solutions, you will turn challenges into opportunities. Efficient logistics will thus significantly contribute to the added value of your final product or service.

Solutions at every point of your

logistics process

Do you, too, have different IT systems that work individually and without any real integration?

Atlas solutions can be used independently, or they can be integrated into any existing system (ERP, MES, etc.). They enable safe and efficient operation of your company at any point of your logistics process.


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to your needs

Everything but the client's requests can be standardised. Atlas solutions provide many functionalities that can be additionally adapted to your specific needs at any time.


When you order the Atlas Care service, we ensure excellent support, offer pro-active care of your system, and spread knowledge about it amongst your employees. Our call centre is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year.

user experience

Atlas is more than just software solutions; it represents our philosophy and our commitment to achieve an excellent user experience together with you.


Atlas solutions are designed to offer well-thought-out optimisation and automation of warehouse processes.

Seamless integration
with other systems

Atlas solutions can be implemented independently or integrated into existing systems (SAP, Navision, Dynamics, Infor, etc.).


Focus on your core activity. In addition to developing software, we can also offer the possibility of hosting our Atlas solutions and additional interfaces you use for process optimisation.

A warehouse
is data

With Atlas solutions, we ensure the highest possible level of data safety. The database is separate from transactions. In addition, we back up the data daily while still hot.


5-Step Implementation

The correct choice of an appropriate solution for internal logistics management is of crucial importance for the competitiveness, responsiveness and achievement of key performance indicators of a company. Therefore, the capacities and needs must firstly be correctly assessed, along with the benefits of choosing one and/or another solution for the company.

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Analysis and Process
Planning Consulting

Everything starts in the organisation, so we first try to find out what you actually need. Our goal is not to offer our software at any cost for problems that could be automatically eliminated merely by improving the organisation.

Specification and
Integration Plan

On the basis of joint workshops, we prepare functional specifications that serve as a basis for the continuation of the project. In this phase, we focus particularly on the link with your ERP system, listen carefully to all of your requests, and tailor the solution to your needs.

Implementation and
Process Testing

In this phase, the required functionalities are implemented, testing is carried out by checking functional specifications, and any errors are eliminated.

Launching and

SThe system is installed and launched. Any “teething problems” in the newly launched system are eliminated and the knowledge required for its management is imparted to users according to the principle learning by doing.

24/7 Maintenance and

We are always by your side. With pro-active maintenance, we reduce the possibility of IT system downtime. If a failure does occur, however, regardless of the cause, our support team is available 24/7 for efficient problem-solving.

We believe in the power of cooperation

We are writing excellent partner stories with engineering companies, as well. Original IT solutions for internal logistics, a dedicated team, reliability and many years of experience can become part of your integrated offer, too.

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