We support

At Epilog, we invest in quality and cooperation. Not only in our company, but also in our environment. Through sponsorship and donations, we support projects and events in which we perceive commitment and dedication.



Epilog staff believe in and support


  • Young researchers — this is why we support international robotics competitions within the scope of the project First Lego League.
  • Young talent and innovation — this is why we supported the purchase of equipment for the robotics corner at the Dobrova Primary School.
  • Professionalism and education — this is why we contributed tuition fees to a teacher at the Dobrova Primary School for a course in new teaching approaches.
  • Truthfulness — this is why we supported the independent investigative journalism portal called Under the Line.
  • Solidarity — this is why we regularly allocate funds for socially disadvantaged pupils in two primary schools.
  • Entrepreneurship and mentorship — this is why Damjan, our Managing Director, promotes entrepreneurship at the Dobrova Primary School, and why he is a mentor at the Naklo School Centre in the entrepreneurial project “I Open Doors for Myself”.
  • Musical virtuosity — this is why for a number of years we have been the main sponsor of the traditional New Year’s concert of the Simfonika Vrhnika Orchestra.
  • Volunteering — this is why we supported the purchase of a firefighting vehicle for the volunteer fire brigade PGD Hruševo.
  • Sports spirit — this is why we supported the promotion of the 2011 FIFA Women’s Football World Cup.


Epilog the First to Support Young Researchers


Epilog was the first company in Slovenia to support the “Super Heads Institution” (Zavod Super Glavce), the regional organiser and provider of the international programme First Lego League (FLL). In an interesting, amusing and effective manner, the project familiarises children and teenagers with technical studies and natural sciences. Natalija Premužič, Head of FLL in Slovenia and co-founder of the “Super Heads Institution”, praises Epilog for being a responsible company that is returning its dues to society in the best possible way. “Damjan was one of the first Slovene entrepreneurs/directors to believe in our team and work. As well as tapping us on the shoulders, he demonstrated a readiness to support our programme financially.” According to Natalija Premužič, young people need to be motivated for research, group work, networking and knowledge sharing as early on as possible: “Damjan and the Epilog team are well aware of the kind of staff and co–workers they need and wish to have; they are thinking long term, and this is one of the reasons why they enable Slovene children and teenagers to cooperate and make contacts within the scope of this international programme.”

FLL, an international multidisciplinary project, was designed and launched in 1998 by the non–profit organisation FIRST ® and the Danish company LEGO Group. Through this programme, children and teenagers aged 9–16 years in over 80 countries around the world are being motivated for research, learning, experimenting and group work. The idea behind this project is to make natural sciences, technical studies and other sciences just as attractive and popular as sports activities are already. Children and teenagers are encouraged to use modern technologies for beneficial and humanitarian purposes. Since 2011, Slovene children have also had an opportunity to participate in the FLL challenges on topical global issues.



Business and Music — Hand in Hand


Epilog supports not only entrepreneurial creativity and innovation, but also musical creativity. Ever since 2005, we have been a proud sponsor of the traditional New Year’s concert by the Vrhnika Simfonika Orchestra. Every year, we eagerly listen to the musical virtuosos together with our business partners, whom we thank for their excellent business cooperation with an evening of superb music. In this way, we show our support for musicians from Vrhnika, whose ranks include Gregor Jeromen, one of our colleagues from Epilog.

“Epilog, the main sponsor of our New Year’s concerts, has made it possible for us to establish and maintain our New Year’s concerts on a level that professional musicians would be proud of, thus enabling us to attract new listeners. With Epilog’s support, we can attract better soloists and performers, and present an even more diverse concert programme. We are convinced that our cooperation will continue for at least a further ten years”, explained Slavi Štirn, President of the Mavrica Vrhnika Mixed Choir, and Marija Čuk Fabiani, a violinist in the orchestra.


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