How can we achieve what we really want? Epilog staff do not dream of success, but rather ambitiously and bravely embark on the path leading to the fulfilment of our dreams. Our achievements confirm that we are on the right track. Sincere thanks are due to our customers, as it is their wishes and needs that encourage us and drive us forward on our path of innovation. Without cooperation there is no success.



German Economy Award


On Thursday 23 April 2015, the Slovenian-German Chamber of Commerce and the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Slovenia granted the German Economy Award to Epilog. The award, which recognises the most important technical, entrepreneurial and intellectual innovations of companies in Slovenia, was granted for the third consecutive time. Despite a great deal of competition between Slovenian companies that do business in Germany, the selection jury decided unanimously to give the award to Epilog, stating that “the German economy is based on small and medium-sized companies, as well as family-run companies”. Receiving the laurel was the result of more than 90% exports and an innovative product that actually upgrades global trends.

“For us, the German Economy Award is the ultimate reference”, said Damjan Širca on receiving the award, underlining the fact that, in business, references are of paramount importance in acquiring new orders. According to Širca, German references are the most valued and appreciated everywhere, as German clients are regarded as being the most demanding. “We see this award as an incentive to work even better in the future. We hope that it will open more new doors for us, not only in Germany, but also in other markets”, added Širca.



Prize for the Best Service Innovation at the 9th Slovenian Innovation Forum

At the Slovenian Innovation Forum 2014 Epilog’s youngest solution, Atlas PickByGlass, which was ranked among the best eight innovations according to the selection of an expert jury, was awarded a special recognition for the best service innovation.


Atlas PickByGlass enables entirely hands-free picking in the warehouse using the platform of “smart glasses” (e.g., Google Glass or similar). Thus, labour productivity in the warehouse increases by up to 30%, while the possibility of errors is significantly reduced. “Such a solution has not been known in the logistics IT support so far,” the jury emphasised in their arguments supporting the inclusion of this solution among the best. The main advantages of this innovation as identified by the jury were hands-free operation, faster and more efficient work, reduced possibility of errors in picking, and simple use. The jury assessed this innovation as highly promising, particularly due to the potential and dynamism of the area of logistics itself, the numerous possibilities to increase productivity in warehouses, the global orientation and the well-founded approach of the development team.


The Slovenian Innovation Forum represents the central national business event in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship.


A recognition for the Best Service Innovation in PDF format



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