By Your Side After the Implementation of Solutions As Well

04. 06. 2019

Even though the development and implementation of the Atlas solution in the customer’s logistics infrastructure might mean that the honeymoon is over, our cooperation continues and grows into a mature partnership. We are available to our clients 24/7. Our short response time, highly qualified team of experts and positive attitude ensure that any downtime in the operation of the logistics system is as short as possible.  

Following the completion of development activities, our Support Department is usually the first point of contact in communication with the customer, with whom we cooperate actively in the elimination of any problems, always providing a clear and comprehensible explanation. With recurrent problems we strive for proactive systemic elimination of errors and, if necessary, we include both our development team and the customer’s IT service in the process of finding a solution.

As we carry out our mission in a professional and transparent manner, we have introduced a "ticket system" in which every customer call received and every intervention in a customer’s system is recorded. Once the activities are completed, the customer receives a report on the work done that states the causes of the problem at hand and the solution to it. Thus, we can efficiently establish whether errors might be caused by an unoptimised process. If this is the case, we propose improvements to optimise the operation of the system and reduce the possibility of errors.

To ensure even greater transparency we have also introduced a service called the Support Service Desk, where our customers can report any problems, ask questions about Atlas system operation, and submit requests for any changes in functionalities or minor upgrades via an online interface.

24/7 Support
Epilog’s support service is available 24/7. The response time for commencing the elimination of problems is within an hour of receiving the customer’s call. Our customers can also decide to take out the Atlas Care service package in various scopes depending on their needs. This service includes the implementation of preventive and corrective works on the customer’s Atlas system, as well as system maintenance. The package also includes an unlimited number of support calls during working hours and interventions in resolving problems with the Oracle database.

We also provide regular, monthly preventive maintenance works and offer the installation and maintenance of Atlas servers. Every day, in agreement with the client who opts for such a solution, we review backup status reports, archive the relevant data, make sure that the size of the base objects is appropriate and monitor the running of any automation scripts, as well as periodically carrying out maintenance processes. If we find any problems, we notify the customer and offer advice on how to eliminate them. In all interventions on the customer’s systems we always first ensure security: from data storage, appropriate handling of incidents and undertaking support activities, to providing cyber-secure services.

We do our job with a positive attitude and in a cooperative relationship with the customer. Many of the calls we receive are not a consequence of errors in the Atlas system’s operation. As our application is often the centre of the logistics system, and as we have also introduced innovative diagnostic tools that detect errors in other processes, we are able to advise our customers on who to turn to in order to find solutions for the problems at hand. We actively cooperate with other service providers on the project and make the relevant diagnostics data available to them on the request of our customer.


By Your Side After the Implementation of Solutions As Well