Make Different Use of December – Simplify Your Stocktaking Process

12. 12. 2019

The time is approaching for annual stocktaking, which can be quite overwhelming for many companies in the field of warehouse management. To avoid this causing you a headache, Atlas WMS is a solution that adapts to your needs and processes. With Atlas WMS, stocktaking proceeds in an organised, smooth and fast manner – it can even be done throughout the year.

Usually we establish the state of the inventory in a warehouse by actually counting and verifying the quantity of goods – we make a so-called ‘inventory count’ or "muste"’.

Stocktaking "on the Fly"
Atlas WMS enables a lot of stocktaking work to be done during the calendar year. This process is called "taking stock on the fly".

On-the-fly stocktaking works in such a way that locations in manual warehouses that are marked as empty while performing regular work (i.e., during picking) are already considered as counted on the day of the picking itself. It also offers the additional option of triggering this process when a certain event occurs, e.g., a drop in the stock level.

Annual Stocktaking
Upon commencing the stocktaking process, the software creates inventory tasks that enable a guided counting of inventory and facilitate the distribution of work amongst Atlas WMS users or stocktaking commission members. Every inventory order is assigned to a specific location along with its status, which provides the head of stocktaking with an insight into the progress of the inventory count at all times, making it simple for them to check how many locations have been fully counted and at which locations the work has not yet been completed.

Stocktaking for Manual and Automated Warehouses with a Single Application
In a single application, Atlas WMS simultaneously allows for the inventory count for both manual and automated warehouses. The stocktaking exercise is entirely adapted to the type of warehouse and the needs of the company.

In high-rack automated pallet warehouses, stocktaking is often not performed by the physical counting of goods on every single pallet, as this would halt all critical production processes. In this case, stocktaking is carried out on the basis of the reconciliation of data on pallets between the Atlas WMS (which includes the data on stock recorded only with sensors in the automated regime of operation) and the ERP systems.

Atlas WMS can either show or hide the current data on the quantity of stock. It is good practice not to show the data on current stock, as this makes it possible for the user to enter a new status for each item of stock at any time.

Make Different Use of December – Simplify Your Stocktaking Process