The Future is Bright if We Build It Together

22. 12. 2021

The end of the year is drawing near. This is a time when we look back at the path we have left behind and at the same time try to look into the crystal ball to see the future. Last year we predicted the future in the light of the pandemic and (quietly) hoped it would be over quickly. Although the end of the pandemic is not yet in sight, we are nevertheless optimistic about looking ahead.

Trends in logistics remain unchanged, as the work is far from completed. The hot topics of today are digitisation, transformation of supply chains, automation and robotisation, as well as the moulting of trade and services that accompanies the growth of e-commerce. All of this with a commitment to the most sustainable future possible.

The fact that we live in a time of constant change is not news, but our readiness to tackle rapid changes today is more important than ever for our survival in these turbulent times. Any change is associated with a certain level of stress, so the resilience of all of us is extremely important. Even if one person runs out of steam, the team will still have momentum. If one person fails to find a solution, then together, as a team, we will find it. Although we are increasingly putting our faith in technological solutions, which irrefutably facilitate and simplify many of our tasks, they are only a sufficient condition of success and not a necessary condition without a human touch, without knowledge or the ability to solve complex problems.

The uncertainties we are witnessing in the global economic arena, such as the lack of raw materials, increased volatility in supply chains, etc., only confirm what we have been aware of for a long time: today relationships count more than ever. Relationships between individuals, teams, suppliers and partners. Good relationships in open, flexible, empowering and learning teams are key to corporate adaptability, especially when supported by external assistance from partners – knowledge and technology suppliers. This is also our mission.

Power is not hidden in one person alone. We can only win together, connected, alongside partners with whom we run long distances, and with people we can rely on. Connected in this way – as teams in companies and with the support of external experts – we will be able to overcome many a trial to come.

Nassim Taleb, the author of The Black Swan, says predicting the future is like predicting the shape of the puddle that will result when an ice cube melts. Yet we dare to argue that luck will be on the side of well-prepared and competent teams that are used to working successfully together. The future is bright if we build it together.

Good luck in 2022!

Damjan Širca, CEO

The Future is Bright if We Build It Together