We Respect Your Privacy


At our company, Epilog, d.o.o., Tehnološki park 22A, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia (hereinafter: "Epilog"), we are aware of the responsibility associated with handling the personal data of our clients, potential clients, visitors to the Epilog websites, and all individuals who disclose their personal data upon contacting us (hereinafter: "users"). This is why on our website www.epilog.net we take all measures to ensure the protection and ethical handling of your personal data as stated below and in compliance with the relevant versions of the Personal Data Protection Act, the Electronic Communications Act and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR.

Data Controller
The controller of personal data of users is the company Epilog, d.o.o.

What Data is Collected
By subscribing to Epilog’s news or filling in the contact form, you provide us with the information that enables our potential further communication (name, company, email address, your position in the company).

The Purpose of Collecting Personal Data
The aim of collecting business data at the www.epilog.net website is to use the data for business or educational purposes.
If you fill in the contact form with a view of our business cooperation, you consent to our storing the data you provide in our database for the purposes of our further communication on the basis of the company’s legitimate interest. In this case, Epilog processes and stores your data with a view to further cooperation and for direct marketing. In such a case, communication is individual, i.e., you are not automatically placed on any emailing list (unless you expressly subscribe to it or you give us your explicit consent in our further communication).
By subscribing to our e-news you allow us to periodically send you emails (e-newsletter). Your data are collected on the basis of your explicit consent and in line with the relevant legislation in the field of personal data protection at the time, with the aim of:

  •  personalising your user experience and sending you specific content that is of the greatest interest to you,
  •  improving your experience on our website,
  •  enabling us to get in touch with you.

Processing for the Fulfilment of Contractual Obligations
In certain cases, the processing of personal data is crucial for the fulfilment of the controller’s contractual obligations.
The controller will process your personal data for the fulfilment of contractual obligations for the following purposes:

  • contractual arrangement of business cooperation,
  • performing activities pursuant to the cooperation contract,
  • communication with service providers and other of the client’s contact persons for the purpose of performing activities as set forth by the cooperation contract.

You can cancel your subscription to e-news at any time by sending an email to info@epilog.net or by clicking Unsubscribe in any email containing e-news.

Users can organise or cancel their personal data, or give consent for additional processing of their personal data for other purposes, by clicking Update Data in any email containing e-news or by sending an email to info@epilog.net.

Personal Data Storage Period
The submitted personal data will only be stored and used for as long as it is necessary to achieve the purpose for which they have been processed. After the purpose has been achieved, your data will be deleted and/or access to them will be blocked.

You may also request that we stop using your personal data for the purpose of direct marketing. In this case, we will appropriately prevent the use of your personal data for the purpose of direct marketing within 15 (fifteen) days and notify you of this.

How We Protect Your Personal Data
All personal data filing systems are managed, maintained, stored and supervised in line with the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-2, 163/2022) and the General Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation) 2016/679.
Your personal data are used exclusively for the above stated purposes and are not marketed or transferred to third persons, except for partners who help us maintain our website and are obliged to protect such personal data subject to the same conditions as applicable to Epilog.

In line with the applicable legislation, in exceptional cases your personal data may be submitted to government bodies and security authorities upon their official request for the submission of personal data.

Upon your first visit to our website, we request your permission to install cookies that enable the normal functioning of the www.epilog.net webpage.
You can refuse to accept cookies or you can disable all cookies in your web browser. In this case, however, it may happen that your experience on www.epilog.net will be limited.

We use cookies to analyse visits to the www.epilog.net website based on aggregated statistical data and behavioural analysis (web analytics). These data are anonymised and do not include your personal data. We analyse the data with web tools of external providers (Google Analytics, Hotjar).

We respect your request to stop tracking (Do Not Track) and we do not track ads even if this function is on.

Links to Third Persons’ Websites
Part of the www.epilog.net website includes links to third persons’ websites. Such websites do not constitute part of Epilog’s website and thus have their own personal data security policy. Epilog shall not be liable for the operation, content, security and activities of websites linked in this manner.

Please contact us on info@epilog.net for all additional information regarding Epilog’s policy of personal data protection.