What is Atlas eKanban?



The Atlas eKanban IT solution is much more than a classic kanban. A special signal system uses a combination of technologies to trigger the movement of material into production facilities or through a supply chain. Lean production input is upgraded with an efficient system for ordering support services. The order is transferred via a WiFi network to the WMS system in real time, where it is then processed.



Atlas eKanban helps you optimise the scope of material flow in production and logistics

The system is based on WiFi modules that enable the orders to be submitted with the press of a button or by reading a barcode from the services catalogue. Atlas eKanban offers a dynamic palette of services in line with the needs of your company.

The most common of these services are:

  • supply to work cells or supermarkets,
  • removal of finished products,
  • maintenance of working tools, such as repairs, replacement of tools and other maintenance work,
  • cleaning of a work cell and removal of waste,
  • notification of damaged products, standstills on the line, etc.,
  • call by an AGV (automated guided vehicle).


Read the Atlas eKanban Flyer in PDF format (730 kb)




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