Atlas WMS Gen5 Bearing the Seal "System WMS Validated 2023"

27. 11. 2023

The latest version of the Atlas WMS Gen5 solution has been successfully validated by the recognised Institute of Material Flows and Logistics – Fraunhofer IML. This validation is confirmation of the quality, safety and reliability of our Warehouse Management System.

A reliable Warehouse Management System (WMS) with functionalities that meet users’ needs is crucial for efficient logistics and stock management. However, the quality and reliability of the systems offered by many solution providers vary greatly. The database of validated WMS systems verified by the independent Institute of Material Flows and Logistics – Fraunhofer IML (IML) can help you to compare and decide which solution best fits your needs. 

One of the Most Challenging "Tests" in the Industry
The Fraunhofer IML validation process is holistic. Comprising around 3,000 questions/criteria, the IML questionnaire is considered to be one of the most comprehensive in the industry. It covers the diverse functionalities of the WMS solution – from basic storage functions to stock management, transport, picking, packaging, dispatch, etc. The questionnaire is updated annually to keep up with recent developments, trends and standards in the industry. 

IML Validates Around 100 Systems a Year
The data submitted by IT solution providers are also scrutinised and verified every year by an independent internal logistics expert. Thus, Fraunhofer IML ensures that the platform contains up-to-date and accurate information. The Institute validates around a hundred IT logistics-support systems in this way each year.   

"Validation at the Fraunhofer IML is a complex process. It requires us to provide a solution that is appropriate at all levels – from technology to functionality as well as the ergonomics of the software itself. Such independent verification can significantly facilitate the customers’ initial process of finding an appropriate WMS solution provider," our Sales Manager Andrej Malešič comments about the process.  

High Standards and Verified Reliability 
The WMS solutions included in the database have been certified as meeting the highest standards of software functionality and reliability. Having the data collected in one place facilitates the customers’ comparative analysis of different solutions and makes the choice of the most suitable WMS for their needs easier. There are also many market studies on the portal that can help you with your decision. 

Atlas WMS in the Database since 2013 
The database of validated WMS solutions has included the Atlas WMS solution since 2013, and the latest version of Atlas WMS Gen5 was successfully validated in 2023. With the ‘System WMS Validated 2023’ seal, we reaffirm our responsibility towards our customers, and our commitment to the quality, safety and reliability of the Atlas software solutions. "This confirmation is also important for us from the point of view of comparing the Atlas WMS product with competing solutions. The audit/validation gives us comprehensive feedback on the functionality of our product. We then continue to address any issues with our development team and take them into account in the further development of the product. The certificate received is also a recognition of the good work of the Atlas WMS development team," said Matej Stipič, Head of the Atlas Department following this year’s assessment. 

Atlas WMS Gen5 Bearing the Seal "System WMS Validated 2023"