Increasing Opportunities for Value-Added Services also in Logistics

20. 09. 2019

The mindset that logistics only brings costs is changing. As providers of logistics services, we are aware of the complexity of the market and are looking for new, innovative models of how to retain our current customers and acquire new ones. Value-added services are one of the possibilities to add value and usefulness to our products, while customers keep focusing on their core activity.

The changing needs of consumers require manufacturers and e-traders to be increasingly flexible and adaptable, and to provide additional and more complex services. If the services also enhance your product, cooperation with customers is even more successful. Value-added services (VAS) increase the value of the product and render it more useful.

Atlas WMS Provides a Broad Palette of Value-Added Services
In addition to the basic functions of monitoring logistics processes in warehousing distribution or production, the Atlas WMS warehouse management system also enables the use of a wide range of efficient value-added services – from goods labelling to packaging, the development of efficient reverse logistics and other unique logistics services.

Customers can perform certain services on their own or select different partners, enabling them to focus on their key competences, save time, and work less while decreasing costs.

Which value-added services are offered by Atlas WMS? Some of the efficient solutions include:
• cross-transhipment, disaggregating/aggregating shipments;
• cutting;
• unpacking;
• assembling;
• distribution, finishing;
• washing;
• international bulk parts handling and storage, and repacking/kitting of parts;
• returnable crate management.

Regardless of how complex your requirements might be, Epilog staff with our expertise will help you in identifying and overcoming the challenges that are unique to your line of work, and assist you in taking advantage of your market opportunities. With today’s fast pace of consumerism, even the seemingly smallest things count.

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Increasing Opportunities for Value-Added Services also in Logistics