All features of Atlas WMS

In many languages

Atlas WMS speaks your language! If a branch office and headquarters of your company speak a different language, Atlas WMS speaks your own.


Plausibility control

Data entered into Atlas WMS are controlled in a simple and effective way. Atlas WMS calculates the weight base of any quantity and unit entered and compares it to automated scale readings.

Diagnostics and dealing with errors and problems

Atlas WMS manages stock and automatic transport devices. By controlling both it can keep all data in the system highly consistent. Thanks to systematic and exhaustive logging all occurring problems are easily identified and corrected. “Common” problems in automatic transport systems (e.g. wrongly placed transport units) can be easily resolved with a mouse: drag & drop the TU to the correct location.

Forward thinking logistics

Right on time is the best time! Atlas WMS thinks about the next movements of transport units well in advance so that transport orders are ready even before they are needed and there is no waiting for computation of the next movement. Thus much higher throughput can be achieved even with the existing transport equipment.

Keeping stock in many units of measurement

Would you like to receive goods in kilograms and ship them in metres or pieces?
No problem. Atlas WMS seamlessly converts all measurement units. It also keeps stock in different units of measure and thus avoids discrepancies between converted theoretical quantities and real ones.

Advanced document management

Items from goods being stored and removed are grouped into respective orders and so they can be individually or collectively managed (reserved, started, prioritised, deleted). The possibility to manage whole orders or single items is easy and brings good results.

Advanced reservation management

Atlas WMS can automatically reserve goods to be shipped. This reliably ensures logistic policies such as FIFO (First In First Out) and FEFO (First Expired First Out), or any other. FIFO/FEFO policy quickly clears space for new shipments and enables best shipping sequences.
If your policies are not so strict AtlasWMS will only offer suggestions and let you decide which goods to ship.


By setting whole order or single order item priority with Atlas WMS you can easily fulfil various timing requirements. Some customers need regular delivery, planned well in advance, and some just walk in and request goods to be delivered. Immediate shipment requests can never lead to confusion and incorrect delivery.

100% traceability

Atlas WMS records all stock movements and ensures 100% traceability from receiving to shipment. Thanks to 100% coverage of all goods transactions and overall reports AtlasWMS enables you at any time to find out WHO changed what stock, WHEN this was done, WHAT happened, WHAT was changed (quantity, type of goods, batch/lot), WHERE (at what point) and HOW (transaction type).

Flexible storing, order preparation, replenishment

Atlas WMS offers different strategies for storing goods in a warehouse and for getting them out. Goods can be already entered at the unloading dock, which enables cross–docking. Storing of goods can be directed to a specific place/zone allocated for those type of goods. Individual features may be set on or off as required.

Advanced support of inventory count

Atlas WMS is an efficient tool for inventory taking. It enables you to choose between several criteria for yearly, random or permanent inventory count. Numerous reports ensure good overview of your real stock inventory count status. Thanks to standard data export possibilities you can process your data with any tool you like such as, MS Excel and the like.

Warehouse zone management

Some types of goods have to be stored separately, sometimes in a tightly controlled environment, such as foods requiring cooling, goods awaiting customs clearance, customs cleared goods and so on.
With Atlas WMS it is easy to define specialised areas for such goods. Once received it is simply impossible to store goods in a wrong location.


Batch/lot management

Atlas WMS manages stock of the same product depending on its attributes. If needed, other parameters are also considered, such as production date, delivery number, the type of packaging or the expiration date. The same parameters are then used for shipping.

Management of any type of warehouse

Atlas WMS can manage just about any type of warehouse. Atlas WMS has a dynamic warehouse structure which is to a great extent user–definable. Atlas WMS supports automated data capture (bar code, RFID, automated measurement devices, etc.) with RF terminals or printouts of paper shipping sheets and manual entry.

Subdividing a transport unit

With Atlas WMS transport units (pallets, containers, etc.) can be subdivided into partitions. In stock transactions users are explicitly/specifically shown the correct partition along with the partition’s fill level (in percentage) which facilitates replenishment decisions.

Reliability and safety of data

Warehouse is data! Data safety concept is designed very carefully.
Proverbially reliable Oracle Database is at the core of Atlas WMS. A standard Atlas WMS server has redundant power supplies and at least four separate hard disks for two mirrored volumes. One of the mirrors stores data and the other records all changes made to the data (database transaction logs) since the last backup. The whole system is backed up at least once every 24 hours without influencing production — hot backup. At a customer’s request several higher layers of data and server mirroring are available — Atlas WMS DataSafe, warm standby server, hot standby server, clustering, etc.

Standalone or integrated into Enterprise Resource Planning system

Atlas WMS can work on itsown or it can be tightly integrated into the business IT system of a company. Atlas WMS works in connection with SAP, Baan, Navision and many other ERP systems.
Standardised but flexible data exchange interface, rich experience and numerous technical possibilities guarantee quick and successful integration.

MFS — support of automatic transport systems

Requirements for higher productivity and better usage of storage space call for automated solutions. Mostly this translates into high–bay warehouses with stock/restock machines, various conveyors, elevators, AGVs, picking systems, etc. An integrated Material Flow Control System coordinates various devices so that picking/order preparation personnel always get correct goods on time.
Atlas WMS can be integrated with transport systems of any supplier.

Automated scales support

Mistakes always occur when quantities are entered manually. Therefore at Atlas WMS we have developed an interface with automated measurement devices (scales, length measurers and counters). This way stock quantities always match, deliveries are correct and invoices correspond.

Information management

Numerous standard reports which are available in standard at Atlas WMS give a good overview of the state and history of the stock and warehouse system.
It is easy to answer questions such as »What do I have?«, »Where it is?«, »How long has it been there?«, »How much did we produce/transfer yesterday?«, »Where are my bottlenecks?«. Data are available in graphic and tabular formats on the screen or on paper. They can be exported to various formats, such as PDF, Excel, CSV, XML and the like.

Process visualisation

The higher the system complexity the more important the overview becomes.
Graphic visualisation in Atlas WMS gives the operator a one–screen overview of the state of transport devices and key processes. The authorised operator can easily use the same graphic interface to influence the system.

Production processes in the warehouse

The latest trends require production processes also in the warehouse environment, such as cutting, confectioning, repackaging, etc. Atlas WMS supports such processes and integrates them into a single system.

Packaging for shipment

Goods that are prepared for shipment are usually organised into transport units or packages. With the support of Atlas WMS you can tag goods during packaging and trace them until loading on the truck or other transport means. This means you’ll never load the wrong truck or forget to load a package.

Packaging management

Atlas WMS enables you to control and manage stock with respect to packaging in all stages of processing: choosing an optimal packaging unit for a required quantity, breaking big packages into smaller ones, all without losing the 100% entry–to–exit traceability.

Shipping management

Atlas WMS optimises truck and other transport capacity usage, follows stock to the loading point and brings wrong delivery options practically to zero.




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