Benefits for clients

In Epilog we create solutions and think in process–related terms. Every new customer confronts us with a new challenge, leading us down an untrodden path. This means that the specific benefits and advantages of Atlas WMS can only be identified in cooperation with you. However, based on long–term experience, allow us to highlight some of the most common benefits:


Complete stock control and full traceability

While the ERP keeps the books, Atlas WMS controls the stock and follows it in the warehouse to the last detail. All the way from receipt to dispatch it records everything that happens with regard to your stock. Thus the Atlas WMS system provides a constant overview of stock: when exactly there was a change, who made the change, what exactly was changed (quantity, type of material, batch), where the change occurred and how (type of transaction).

Stock with a due expiry date is excluded

Atlas WMS manages the stock by batches, best–before dates and dates of receipt. Dispatch can thus be effected in line with either FIFO or FEFO strategies, ensuring that the oldest goods are dispatched first, so it cannot happen that the use–by date of goods expires while the goods are in the warehouse. For goods that are rarely moved, Atlas WMS automatically generates notifications of the imminent expiry of the best–before date and sends them to key users, who can then take appropriate measures.

No wrong issues with Atlas WMS

Atlas WMS knows no wrong dispatches! Due to the automatic identification of goods, transport units or conveyor units and picking locations, wrong dispatches are simply not an issue with Atlas WMS.

Higher productivity of employees and faster operation

Atlas WMS supports mobile RF terminals equipped with barcode readers. Unlike in operations based on paper documents, mobile terminals enable the recording of goods movement in real–time, at the same time as the goods are actually moved. Thus the stock–on–hand is accurately recorded at all times. A barcode reader also enables the automatic identification of any item, packaging, conveyor unit or picking location. In this manner, Atlas WMS enables work without unnecessary papers, standstills and errors.

No need for own IT support for managing the Atlas WMS system

A fundamental part of Epilog’ʼs mission is customer care. Therefore, you can rely on us completely when it comes to the maintenance of the software package, leaving it to our top experts who monitor the system around the clock.

Better use of storage area, more goods in the same place

Atlas WMS supports dynamic location allocation, which optimises the space available in your warehouse. Thus in a warehouse you can manage greater amounts of stock than usual, as you can put significantly greater amounts of goods in the same space.

Storage services you can provide to others

Atlas WMS incorporates a 3PL module that enables the management of stock kept separately and by various owners. Thus you can offer the efficient use of the storage capacities of your own warehouse to several clients at a time.

Reduction or elimination of complaints from customers and/or suppliers

By using a Wi–Fi digital camera, Atlas WMS enables you to keep photographic documentation of the received and dispatched goods. Photographs are transferred to the system via a wireless connection and are immediately available in cases of complaints with regard to the supply of goods to a client.

A system you can rely on completely

The warehouse is a key database and as such has to be protected accordingly. Atlas WMS ensures safety and reliability by separating the database from actual transactions, with a daily backup of data and with automatic notifications of potential problems, which are responded to at any given time (24/7) by our call centre.

Short–term stocktaking without unnecessary costs

Atlas WMS is an efficient tool for stocktaking as it enables inventory control of stock, both according to an optional criterion (random, annual, permanent inventory) and according to a criterion selected by the client. The exporting of data for reports is standardised and can be presented and processed at will with other tools (MS Excel, etc.) In this way, you can significantly decrease the burden of administration processes, especially those that are traditionally linked to warehousing operations, and as a result you save both time and money.

Adaptable code list of articles

Flexibility is yet another advantage of the Atlas WMS system, as in addition to enabling management through an internal code it also enables the management of individual items through a code that is allocated to its client or through a “talking” code (Matchcode).

Continual and accurate monitoring of material and human resources and all activities in the warehouse

The Atlas WMS information system enables you to have a continual and accurate overview of the activities in the warehouse, the equipment and human resources, as well as of the use of capacities.

Fast and efficient introduction of a user–friendly system at a favourable price

The user–friendly graphic interface and the clear, user–friendly Atlas WMS system structure make working with this application as simple as possible and ensures that it optimally meets the individual needs of your company. Thus user training is brief and the implementation of the system itself is quick, resulting in low costs.

Reduced dependence on storage personnel

The simple, efficient and standardised processes in Atlas WMS significantly disburden staff responsible for warehousing, providing relief for the warehousing personnel structure of the company if necessary.

Return packaging control

The Atlas WMS system helps you know at all times which client has your return packaging and how much of your clients' packaging is stored in your warehouse. In the case that the packaging has to undergo a maintenance procedure, Atlas WMS will provide ongoing notification of this.




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