Implementation proces

We are aware that anything can be standardised — except for customer requests. That is why a standard–issue Atlas WMS incorporates many functionalities and can always be tailored to the specific needs of each customer. Atlas WMS is more than a software package — it is a philosophy, an attitude to the customer, to whom we want to offer a customised turnkey solution. With this philosophy and attitude we arrive at the solution in several steps:

Step 1: analysis and consulting in process planning

Organisation is the foundation on which everything is built, which is why we first try to establish what the customer actually needs. We do not want to sell our software to eliminate problems that could simply be resolved with better organisation.


Step 2: specification

After the decision for implementation has been taken, through joint team project work we come up with a detailed functional specification. This forms the basis for the continuation of the project. In this particular phase we pay special attention to the connection with the customer's ERP system and their wishes in order to customise the solution.


Step 3: implementation

In this phase we carry out the realisation of the required functionalities, the testing and verification of functional specifications and the elimination any potential errors.


Step 4: deployment and training

Once the system is installed, initialised and started, we tackle teething problems and teach users how to use the software (learning by doing).


Step 5: maintenance and 24/7 support

We never leave our customers to their own devices. With proactive maintenance we reduce the possibility of a system failure. In the case that there is a technical problem, or if you just have a question, our support is at your service 24/7 no matter what.


The modular concept of Atlas WMS and well defined interfaces, as well as thoroughly verified and optimised processes, make it possible for us to integrate this warehouse management system into your company's structure. With its high–level expertise and many years of experience in the introduction of Atlas WMS our team can assure you of that.





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