Why Atlas WMS?

There are numerous reasons why Atlas WMS might be exactly what your warehouse needs. To facilitate your decision, we have summed them up in the six most likely:


Well thought out optimisation and automation of warehouse processes with an information system for warehouse management Atlas WMS.

Processes automated by Atlas WMS are carefully planned and adapted to the specific needs of individual customers, following the rules of the so–called adaptive standard. We are aware that anything can be standardised — except for customer requests. Atlas WMS is more than just a software package — it is a philosophy and our attitude to the customer. We provide the customer with the highest possible level of productivity, which also results in cost optimisation.

Modular functionality and speed of the IT system for warehouse management Atlas WMS, along with the highest level of reliability.

The modular design of Atlas WMS enables us to integrate the most diverse processes running in the warehouse into a harmonised whole; from fully automated processes to manual concessioning, and various combinations of manual and automated warehousing processes.

We are aware that every hour, even every minute, that the warehouse is at a standstill can cause operating losses running into tens of thousands of euros. Therefore, one of our primary concerns is the reliability and availability of the Atlas WMS system. Our system has been proven to run with an above–average availability, which in practice means that it never lets our customers down.


Seamless merging/integration of the Atlas WMS warehouse management system with existing ERP systems.

Processes supported by Atlas WMS represent part of a broader range of services taking place within a company. Thus for efficient operation there is a need for integration, i.e., the connection of Atlas WMS with the company's ERP system via an interface. Without any problems, AtlasWMS has been successfully linked with all major known ERP systems, such as SAP, Navision, BaaN, and many others.

The quality of the AtlasWMS warehouse management system never equals the price. It is several times higher.

Atlas WMS is a state–of–the–art information system for warehouse management. As we took account of the principles of the so–called adaptive standard when designing it, Atlas WMS is available at an excellent price. Your decision for Atlas WMS is an investment that will yield great returns through optimisation and direct savings generated by your warehouse, as well as ensuring satisfied customers.

We never leave you to your own devices. If you manage your warehouse with our warehouse management system Atlas WMS we provide support 24/7.

Has it ever happened to you that just 10 minutes before dispatch you could not enter the dispatch order into your bookkeeping records and you did not know what to do? We will never leave you to your own devices. Thanks to available modern communication (ISDN, VPN) we can usually deal with the problem within minutes of the call. An integral part of Atlas WMS is a self–diagnostic mechanism that enables support action even before a problem occurs.

Certified by the Fraunhofer Institute.

Last but not least, the fact that Atlas WMS is a state–of–the–art and reliable system is guaranteed by a certificate issued by the Fraunhofer IML Institute, a leading European scientific and research institution carrying out research in the field of material flows, logistics processes within companies, traffic, and environmental protection.

The Fraunhofer IML also oversees the Warehouse Logistics Database, a resource that pools almost 100 suppliers of services and systems for warehouse logistics management from all around the world, all of whom have to fulfil strict placement criteria. Therefore, Fraunhofer IML validation is confirmation of the quality of Atlas WMS and recognition of the way we work, proving our comparability with the very best in Europe when it comes to warehouse management systems.






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