What is Atlas WMS?

In developing the Atlas WMS 4.0 warehouse management system, which gives information support to warehousing, we followed all the requirements of modern logistics. Atlas WMS — our own warehouse management system combines both WMS (Warehouse Management System) and MFS (Material Flow System); the two–in–one concept provides a double benefit: Atlas WMS can work either as MFS or WMS, or as both at the same time.

A joint interface ensures more optimal operation, higher reliability and lower costs of system implementation. In the function of material flow management (MFS) it coordinates automated transport equipment (rack feeders, conveyors, etc.), while in the function of warehouse management (WMS) it manages material flow processes — from the receipt to dispatch of goods from the warehouse.

Atlas WMS supports both automated (goods to man) and manual (man to goods) warehousing. In automated systems it co–ordinates automatic transport devices to ensure goods come to the picking place, and in manual warehousing it optimally guides the warehouse picker through the bins using an RF terminal or a paper printout.

Modern, object–oriented system architecture enables simple adaptation to an increase in the scope of transactions (scalability) and a high level of adaptability (flexibility), without affecting Atlas WMS system integrity. Its simple and intuitive user interface also makes Atlas WMS simple to use. The graphic interface has been specially adapted to the PC screen, mobile terminals and large screens positioned on a higher level at picking locations. In this way, Atlas WMS makes full use of the advantages of respective environments.



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